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BizSaleByOwner’s mission is to build the largest, most trusted marketplace in the world to buy and sell businesses online. Our platform is designed to empower business owners to take control in the sale of their business by seamlessly connecting sellers, buyers and their advisors on one convenient easy to use platform that is efficient, confidential, and cost-effective. If you are interested in buying or selling a business online, here is what will you find on BizSaleByOwner.com:

  • A business for sale listing and collaborative site. A proprietary system that is encapsulated to protect and maintain confidentiality. All the tools needed to keep the business owner and invested parties efficient and effective with features like secure messaging/communications, secure file sharing, and help desk support. Create a FREE account to list your business for sale, have immediate access to buyers and be able to access vetted advisors if/when you need them anytime throughout the process.

  • Buyers have direct access to Business Owners. Browse available listings of businesses for sale HERE. In order to contact and communicate directly with a business owner you must create an account HERE.

  • On Demand Advisor Support. Experience has proven that business owners and buyers who visit BizSaleByOwner (or any listing site) will likely require additional services. Fully vetted advisors are available on-demand HERE at BizSaleByOwner on an as-needed basis to any business owner or business buyer. Business owners are able to see reviews and endorsements for each advisor before they decide to hire. The business owner will receive best-in-class service and, thanks to BizSaleByOwner, now has a single source to find it. If you are an experienced advisor who works with small business owners and would like to create a profile on BIzSaleByOwner please sign up HERE.

Come experience a different way to get deals done.

This is the future of buying and selling a business online.

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