Why BizSaleByOwner?

We are recovering M&A Advisors, Business Brokers and Valuation Specialists. We have spent our entire careers helping business owners with the valuation and sales of their small businesses. The small business valuation and sales sector hasn’t changed for decades even though technology continuously evolves. Our belief (which is backed by many small business owners we’ve spoken with over the years) is that the small business sales process is ancient and broken. We are confident there is a better way our consultants can help small business buyers and sellers take control of the business sales process. We believe small business buyers and sellers deserve more choice when it comes to who they choose to work with, how they work with those advisors and how they pay their consultants. Not all business buyers and sellers are the same. Some may require much less hand holding while others may desire a full service approach. BizSaleByOwner was built to help all small business buyers and sellers no matter where they fall on the spectrum.

BizSaleByOwner’s sole purpose is to serve small business buyers and sellers who deserve and are demanding more...More transparency, More flexibility, More choice and More knowledge. BizSaleByOwner is building a community of like-minded small business buyers, sellers and consultants online and coupling that with the latest technology to support the small business sale process.

If you are an advisor involved in any aspect of small business sales and you want to be part of revolutionizing the way small businesses are sold, please provide your email address and we will be sure to reach out to you.

If you are a small business seller or buyer CLICK HERE to create a free account on BizSaleByOwner and be a part of the Future of Buying and Selling Small Businesses online.

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