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It is absolutely free for a business owner or advisor to list a business for sale and begin to immediately communicate with qualified buyers.
Any legal US business will be able to be listed on BizSaleByOwner once vetted by a member of our staff.
Yes, you or your advisor are able to list multiple businesses for sale on BizSaleByOwner.
You will need to create a free account and establish a password. This helps us to protect your identity so you can confidentially market your business for sale. We will then walk you through a step by step process to create a listing.
Absolutely, you will have your own unique user ID and Password so you can log back in at any time to finish or change information pertaining to your listing. You will also want to keep the information updated during the duration your company is actively for sale on the platform.
It’s okay, there may be some items you do not have or may not pertain to your specific business. With the exception of a few required items, most of the sections are optional. However, keep in mind it is beneficial to provide prospective buyers with as much information as possible because this will increase the likelihood of them reaching out to you. If you get stuck or have any questions please reach out to our helpdesk.
The owner of the business or the owner’s advisor can set up the free account.
No, you will need to hit the “submit” button once you have double checked all the information is accurate. It will then go to our team for review and approval. If we see any issues or need additional information, we will contact you. Otherwise, once we review and approve your listing you can expect it tol go live on the site within 48 hours.
The business name and location will not be visible to prospective buyers (unless you specifically request this information to be shown). Your business will have a unique ID and all business inquiries will go through the platform so you will not initially need to disclose your name, your company name and/or email to communicate with buyers. Also, we suggest you will want to be very careful as to what photos you upload for your listing. Once you receive inquiries from potential buyers, you have complete control as to the additional information you share with them. We suggest you have a fully executed Non Disclosure Agreement in place before sharing any confidential information with any buyer (which can be obtained from our partner LegalZoom).
No, you have complete control and are able to communicate or not communicate with any of the buyers. Of course, the more potential buyers you interact with the better chance you will have to successfully sell your business.
Your business will stay live on the site until you sell it or until you remove it from the site.
Yes, if you temporarily need to pause the listing from being shown on BizSaleByOwner you can do this.
No, BizSaleByOwner is not a business brokerage. However, if you require full service support please reach out to our helpdesk and we are happy to connect you with qualified advisors to help with your specific needs.


It is free to view businesses listed for sale on the site. You will need to create a free buyer account with your own unique ID and password. For an initial period of 3-6 months, it will also be free to contact sellers. Then there will be a yearly subscription fee of $300 per year. There are no other fees to find and purchase a business on BizSaleByOwner.
Yes, you can choose to keep any information confidential. However, it is unlikely buyers will agree to share much information until they know who they are dealing with and have confidence in your ability to complete a transaction. You should also expect to be asked by the seller (or seller’s advisor) to sign a Non Disclosure agreement.

Some other Questions

No, the number of bids is not capped, but the business owner will set a deadline for bids to be submitted.
Once all bids have been submitted and the deadline to submit bids has expired, the business owner will have 48 hours to select the winning advisor.

General Questions

There are numerous listing sites where business owners can go to pay to list their business for sale. BizSaleByOwner is the only one that is free and offers advisory services within the same platform.

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